Exchanges & Cancellations

Want to exchange or cancel your order? We'll help you get it sorted. All Belsimpel products can be returned free of charge up to 31 days after receipt.

Did you order a separate device with or without a SIM Only contract? You'll have 14 days to return your device after notifying us of your intention to return your product. Want to return a device which is part of a contract? We will only accept returns which we received within 31 days after initial purchase. If we receive your product after this 31-day period, we cannot guarantee a cancellation of your order.

You can take care of this via your order status page.

Exchange or cancel your product

Prefer a different colour or product, or need to cancel your order? We'll sort it out for you. You can exchange or cancel your order up to 31 days after receipt. This is free from the Netherlands and Belgium. After registering for returns, you have 14 days to return the product. If you cancel your order, the refunded purchase price including any shipping costs will be credited to your bank account within 5 business days.

Rules exchange and cancellation

  • Product is in original and unused condition as far as reasonably possible.;
  • Product is complete including undamaged factory packaging, all accessories and blank booklets;
  • For contracts, used credit will be charged. Device bundles will also be cancelled.

Did you order a business contract? Please note that it can be cancelled up to 14 days after activation. Large-scale business orders and activated prepaid sets can't be exchanged or cancelled.

Think you might not meet our rules? If so, we'll meet you halfway with a good solution.

Exchange or cancel a product

Before returning your product, reset the device to factory settings. Then register your product(s) via the green button.

Exchange or cancel a product ›

How returns work

As soon as you register your product via the order status page, you'll receive a free shipping label to return the product to us. You can track your package with the code that you receive when shipping the package. We'll send you an email as soon as we receive your package. We will then exchange or cancel your order. We'll keep you updated so you know exactly what is going on.

You have a faulty product

A faulty product is very annoying, but we're here for you! Please check our Warranty & Repairs page.

Restore your product to factory settings

Before you return your product to us, you need to restore the device to the factory settings. Please note: this removes all files and data. Please make a back-up to keep these files and data.

On the product page of your device, you'll find a video with a guide for your device. Below, you'll find a general guide for restoring your device to the factory setting.

  • Android

    Make a back-up

    • Open the Google Photos app. Open the settings menu via the button in the top-left corner. Then select "Back up and synch".
    • In this menu, turn on "Back up and synch". Select the account you want to use to create a back-up.
    • Turn on back-ups for pictures and videos. Google will now make a back-up of all your pictures and videos.
    • Now go to the settings menu and select "Back up and reset".
    • Finally, go to your Google account and turn on "Back up my data". This lets you create a back-up of all your settings.

    Factory settings

    • Open your settings menu and select "Back up and reset".
    • Now select "Restore factory settings".
    • Enter your password, pin or fingerprint to confirm the factory reset.
    • Your phone will now remove all settings, files, apps and data from your phone.

  • iOS

    Turn off Find my iPhone (via your iPhone)

    • Open your settings menu.
    • Select the option iCloud.
    • Open the menu "Find my iPhone".
    • Touch the "Find my iPhone" slider to turn it off.
    • Confirm by logging in with your Apple ID.

    Turn off Find my iPhone (via your tablet, laptop or computer)

    • Go to and log in with your Apple ID;
    • If 'Find my iPhone' does not appear right away, go to the top left menu and choose 'Find my iPhone';
    • Click on 'All devices' and select the device name*;
    • Now click on 'Remove from Account' (please note: you must remove the device, deactivation is not enough).
      If you can't find this, click on 'All Devices' (this may be called '–your name–'s iPhone') and click on the x next to your device.

    *If you can't find your device, you may have already deactivated your account.

    Make a back-up

    • Open your settings menu.
    • Select the option "iCloud".
    • Open the "Backup" menu.
    • Check if the "iCloud Backup" switch is turned on.
    • If the switch is turned on, backups are already generated automatically.
    • If the switch is turned off, turn it on or select "Back Up Now".
    • A back-up of your data will be created when your iPhone is being charged, is connected to WiFi and is locked.

    Factory settings

    • Go to your settings menu.
    • Go to the option "General".
    • Select the option "Reset".
    • Select "Erase All Content and Settings".
    • Confirm to erase all content and settings.

  • Windows

    Make a back-up

    • Open your settings and go to "Backup and Restore".
    • Select "Backup".
    • Turn on both switches. Your phone will now make a back-up of your settings and apps in the Microsoft OneDrive.

    Factory settings

    • Open the settings menu and go to "System".
    • Select "Info" in this menu.
    • Now select "Factory settings".
    • Your phone will now remove all settings, files, apps and data from your device.

  • Blackberry

    Factory settings

    • Open your settings menu and select "Security and Privacy".
    • Select the option "Delete Data".
    • Enter the word "Blackberry" in the field.
    • Confirm by tapping "Delete Data".

Don't meet our rules?

Even then, we'll offer a good solution. We will take a good look at your device and determine which options we can offer you. Of course, we'll keep you informed. You'll then decide which option looks best and what to do with your product.

You can register for returns of private orders using the return form, but this is not mandatory. You'll be done faster if you use the button above.