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What to send in?

Below you can see what documents you need to send us when you apply for a phone plan. You can also read about which changes require you to send a new copy of your Belsimpel contract and why identification is required for a phone plan.

I signed my contract with iDeal

In this case, you don't have to send us anything! This is our No Fuss Contract service. After completing your order, you can sign your contract with an iDeal verification. This way, you'll skip the paper process. If you've paid for your order with iDeal, you can sign the contract directly with the same payment. If you've paid for the order in a different way, or if no payment was necessary, you can sign the contract with a payment of one cent. Please note: This is not possible for business requests with multiple phone plans.

I did not sign my contract with iDeal

In this case, we will send you the contract digitally, so you can sign and return it. In addition, we also need a number of copies of your documents. This way, your provider knows that you are the one who has requested the phone plan and that the bank account number really belongs to you. Below, you will find what you need to send us in each situation.

  • Private individual

  • Business

Frequently asked questions

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